Draw Down the Moon, Book 1, Potential Magic



My name is Eve Stratton, and I’m on the other side of fifty..

Up till now, I’ve kept everything together despite being perimenopausal with teenagers, working a stressful job and having a husband with a wandering eye. Yet I know I’ve never fulfilled my potential or even truly lived yet. The discovery of the family Hob Goblin in my cellar promised to change all that, along with a sudden ability to affect the future through my drawings.

Did I really hex my nemesis, the woman who is having an affair with my husband? Before I can enjoy exercising my newly found powers, rival Fae factions vie for my loyalty and I’m caught in the middle of a deadly game of cat and mouse. I have to find my Great-Grandmother’s mysterious Books in order to save myself, my family and even my husband’s lover, and there isn’t much time.