An Arrogant Witch Audio, Book 2 of the Witch Kin Chronicles

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Having magic doesn’t guarantee a free ride in life. Especially for a half-blood witch.

Dara Martin has a Normal for a mother, so she’ll never really be accepted by the Kin, and a formal education in magic is out of her reach. But when an evil sorcerer snatches her last link to her mother, she has to learn what she can do, and fast.

Lending her power to Willem, she unwittingly assists in bringing Krampus and other nasty Christmas spirits to life, and in doing so helps wreak havoc and bloodshed on her hometown.

This is a dangerous game, and if the Kin find her print on the wreckage she risks having her magic painfully bound. Forever. But only if she’s caught.

This is an AI Narrated Audiobook. Please listen to the sample provided.