An Enigmatic Witch Audio. Book 5 of the Witch Kin Chronicles


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A darkness emerges from within that threatens to shatter her world.

Dara’s poised on the brink of her new life. She’s finally won her place in the ranks of the Kin and her ambition steers her ever upward. Yet what she finds here is falseness and intrigue – Hugh, her father, Meg – all are revealed in their true colors, until the only witch she can trust is her worst enemy. Cate.

A larger peril looms for the Witch Kin, one that has been brewing beneath the surface for centuries. In order to help, she needs to travel back to her home land and find herself while facing the demons of her own past and future.

Yes, Dara can attain her deepest desires, but is the terrible price of her ambition worth the cost to her soul?

This is an AI Narrated Audiobook. Please listen to the sample provided prior to purchase.