Man from La Manche


Atlantic Romances – Man from La Manche


It’s 1990, and Madonna Ricci is running for her life.

Her ex is fresh out of jail, has a gun and wants revenge.

It’s a good time to leave the country to search out her roots. A square peg in a round hole, she’s never fit in to her adopted family, but could never cut through that veil of secrecy that surrounds her birth.

In Newfoundland, the charming rogue Levi falls for her on the first day and won’t let go. He’s determined to unwrap all her secrets, and she just might let him, for she’s found her home.

That is, till her digging into the past uncovers the darkest truth of all. This is a secret that can never be shared.

If you like your clean romance with mystery and suspense, you’ll love Man From La Manche.

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