A Northern Romance


Atlantic Romances – A Northern Romance


Her secret? She was living a lie.

Ambition, a bright future and wealthy, handsome med student Devon Radford – Conor McLowrie had it all, until his family exposed her as a fraud.

Devastated and shamed, she returned to the small town of her birth to work out her demons. Five years later she has risen above the poverty of her past and made peace with her troubled father. Maybe her dreams didn’t come true like she planned, yet she now has a solid foundation for her future.

When Devon turns up as the local doctor, her passion returns with a vengeance but it’s too late. The old memories are dragged up and she has to fight to save everything she holds dear.

Yeah, Conor still loves him, but she’s not going to lie about herself this time.
A small-town, second chance novel of romantic suspense.