The Auction: An Unlikely Short Story


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Sold! To the lady in the black robe and sunglasses…

All Diana’s material possessions are up for auction, from her furniture to her vast collection of designer shoes. She has no money to buy them back, yet like picking a scab off an unhealed wound, she is compelled to attend the sale, if only to say adieu to her former life.

But her ex-neighbors are making the occasion a ‘Girls Weekend Out in NYC’, and Diana is loath to face their scorn. With all her enemies present, it turns out she’s not the only person in disguise, and what happens at the auction house will change her heart in a way she would never have dreamed possible.

It also opens a whole new slew of questions about her husband’s death…

The Auction is a short story that belongs with The Unlikely Heroine Series. It occurs just after Book 1 An Imperfect Death.